Catching Up on Summer Shows

Man! This summer has gotten away from me, for sure. All the shows, no time to write. I guess it's a good thing that life gets busy being lived. July was chalk-full of shows, so I should do some catching up. Mid-July, I went to shows pretty back-to-back-to-back on two separate occasions. I was finally able to see Arcade Fire, at an outdoor venue in the water district of Boston, at the Blue Hills Pavilion. Not my favorite venue, but I was close enough to make it count. Holy cow! That band puts on one hell of a show! The showmanship of everyone in the band (and that's 8 people!) never missing a beat, even when Win Butler's wife, Regine's headset microphone wasn't working. They played for almost 2.5 hours and played pretty much everything and then some that I could've wanted, having been a fan of theirs since the first album. Opening with "Wake Up" (which is probably their biggest hit) was a bold move, since I pictured it more as their last encore song. I…

Lake Street Dive (Live, Again). John Butler Trio. Coheed & Cambria w/ TBS

Listen, if you have not heard of Lake Street Dive or given their albums a listen, you must stop reading right now and check out their music. Even their very first album, which you can tell they were still discovering how to play with each other as well as what kind of band they actually wanted to be- it still showcases everyone's talents. With their album "Bad Self Portraits" though, it becomes clear that they are a funky, jazz-influenced rock band. And singer Rachel Price has The Voice. Holy hell can she sing! I've seen Lake Street Dive at least 6x now, I believe and each time they just blow me away. This show was their biggest one, at Thompson's Point (approximately 5,000 people). Sold out. And they brought everything to this show. They've even added a keyboardist into the mix, who even took the mic for a great cover of Shania Twain's "You're Still the One." Once again, Rachel Price left me speechless, as the band played so tightly, you ca…